From people who use the Resonator

From John in Havant

I had a chest infection according to my doctor who I had to phone as I could not visit him. He sent a prescription, but I used the Resonator instead.  The following day, my breathing was much better. three days later I was back to normal.

From Tony in Chichester

I have suffered from colds and chest infections every year. I used to have antibiotics and sometimes steroids to help my breathing. I found the resonator two years ago and since then I have used it to stop my chest infections, I have not even had a cold. I was worried about covid but then realised the resonator killed viruses as well as bacteria, so I’m not worried at all. I use it once a week and that keeps me well.

From Mavis in Edenbridge.

Following our conversation yesterday and telling you that having contracted Covid 19 at the age of 72 I thought I was in for a rough ride. My daughter who is asthmatic also caught this horrible virus as did my husband who is 77, so as we sat in the living room, we passed the “Resonator” around throughout the day. After two days I had no symptoms, the same could be said of my husband whilst my daughter took two weeks to get rid of her cough. I could not believe how we all came through this virus so unscathed; I have to say I have had the flu which has been worst. I am so impressed that I have now ordered one for my brother, my son and neighbour have also purchased their own and I would encourage everyone to purchase one, for the little cost, it really is a ‘best buy’

From Jane in Hayling Island

I work in a nursing home and tested positive for Covid. I have a Resonator but I had not used it for a while. I had symptoms of headache and sore throat. I used the Resonator and the next day my symptoms were gone. My friend who works with me suffered as well, and she used the Resonator. She was ok the next day. Why is the Resonator unknown by most people? it works so quickly. Thanks anyway I shall tell everyone about it.

From Joan in London

There are too many stories about people suffering from Lime (wrong spelling) disease, I was one of them. For years I suffered until a friend said she had heard about a thing called a resonator that helped people with Lyme. I ordered one from your website. I followed the instructions as being infected, and after the initial series of use, it had gone, I had got my life back. Thank you resonator, I didn’t believe it, but I was wrong. My resonator now keeps me safe, when I feel something is not right, I use it. I take it with me everywhere. Thank you again.

From Jessica in Surrey

I had to write about my endometriosis.  It has gone thanks to your Resonator. I have suffered for years, with pains and all the other stuff and I cannot believe it has all gone. We have been trying to have a baby and now perhaps we can.