Frequently Asked Questions

Bio-Resonance is new to most people. Below are some of the questions people ask.

If it is so good, why isn’t bio-resonance in the news? Any claims that do anyone any good, must have 5 years of clinical trials. This has been laid down to make sure any product or therapy will do no harm. The cost of a clinical trial is £1 million-plus. Most therapies are not expensive, nor do they have the ongoing need when people are unwell.

The Resonator as with all therapies and unlike drugs, cannot be patented, so there is very little or no return on the million-pound investment of a clinical trial. Once you purchase a bio-resonance device, it should last you for many years. There is no repeat business. The battery is the only thing that needs replacing. Unfortunately, this is a case of money first, health second. I like to put health first, without your health, you have nothing.

If The Resonator does what you say it does, why is it not used by the NHS? The NHS will only sanction any type of medicine or therapy that has clinical trials to prove it works and it is safe. Universities are normally the centers of these clinical trials. A clinical trial is upwards of a million pounds. New sponsors are needed as the funding universities receive from the government for research work has been inadequate for a long time.

The result is, clinical trials are commissioned and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and other interested sectors of the industry that can afford it. There is little interest in alternative methods of good health which are not backed by big investors. In short, although bio-resonance is a highly efficient way to stay well, there is no money in it. Once you have a device, the only other cost is a battery every few months. Money first, the health of the nation second.

Are there any side effects to using The Resonator? Yes, if you have never used a Resonator before, tiredness may follow a session. The Resonator kills a great number of pathogens, and the dead ones have to be cleared away. Your lymphatic system goes to work overtime and that is why you feel tired after the first time, or when you are using it per instructions after feeling symptoms of an infection.

With some people who are using it every day, tiny spots or bumps may appear. This is because the body cannot put any more into the lymphatic system and so pushes it to the outside. They usually disappear in a few days as the lymphatic system catches up with the rubbish disposal..