About Us

My name is Anthony Grant and I am an energy psychologist. I developed Rone Therapy at Life Enhancers 23 years ago. Life Enhancers are the foremost authority in the world at removing depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, stress, and every other negative emotion in ONE session. You can see what I do at lifeenhancers.co.uk

I had learnt that when our negative emotions take us over, our body’s pH (acidity/alkalinity) drops and the pathogens that inhabit us wake up. Parasites and bacteria begin to feed, and viruses that are not readily recognised by our immune system, start to enter our cells. Illness follows.

When I remove the negative emotions from pain sufferers, their pH levels rise again and the pathogens go back to being dormant and the pain dissipates. If your pH does not rise, your pain becomes worse.

The Resonator bio-resonance device does what my Rone therapy does in a slightly different way. It kills your parasites and bacteria and destroys your viruses by shaking them to pieces by means of a tiny electronic frequency. (Frequency is vibration)

For many years I have given talks about Rone Therapy, but then I started to tell my audiences about the bio-resonance device. The devices were made by individuals at 15 a week or so.  Demand outstripped supply and I sought someone to mass-produce them. No one answered my call so I decided to do it myself.

The Resonator is the result. Made in and distributed from the U.K.  I believe for families to stay healthy, every home should have one.

For 18 years something was missing in my arsenal of help. This Resonator completes the line-up.  I now help those with mental and physical problems.  Hopefully, with your help in spreading the word, it will be the beginning of the end of our problems with pathogens.

“Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing” – Socrates

Any questions? please email me at info@resonator.uk

Or phone 44(0)1243 601928

Anthony Grant. October 2020

I am pleased to tell you, that I have just written and published a book on Amazon. It is on Kindle and will be available as a paperback after the 7th September 2023. It is called “How I Lost 2 Stone in 3 Weeks”  I know it works, so I wrote the book for you.