The Resonator™

 Creates Wellbeing by  Killing Bad Bacteria, Parasites, and Destroying in the Body – Viruses including all Coronaviruses, their Mutations, and Variants.

Most diseases, epidemics, and pandemics are caused by these pathogens.

How does the Resonator make that happen?

The “Resonator “ is an electronic bio-resonance, non-invasive device. It is not a medical device. As with any electronic device, it works or it doesn’t. The Resonator works.

It does not come under the requirement of clinical trials etc. Clinical trials are conducted on new drugs to ensure they do no harm and that they work better than a placebo.

It has been used for the last 30 years by thousands of people all over the world, and there has never been an incidence of harm to humans or animals.

The Resonator produces a resonant frequency in microamps from a tiny 9-volt battery that kills your parasites, and bad bacteria, and destroys viruses. The 30kHz frequency vibrates at 30,000 times a second, shaking the pathogens to pieces. It can do no harm to the human body as the resonant frequency of a human cell resonates at a much higher frequency.

The opera singer shattered a glass with her voice because the sound she made was the resonant frequency of the glass. It caused the atomic structure of the glass to separate. Different glasses remained whole as they had different resonant frequencies.

The Resonator is guaranteed to work. If it does not work, return it to us. We will test it and if it is not working, we will replace it.  If it is working we will refund your money.

People buy a Resonator to use every week to remove present pathogens and keep themselves well, as you would exercising and eating properly. Those who are fit and well, put it in a drawer to be used when they feel unwell, as most common ailments are due to pathogens.

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Our bodies are composed of around 30 trillion cells. To put that into perspective, 30 trillion seconds is more than nine hundred thousand (900,000) years. Coronaviruses are one thousand (1,000) times smaller than a cell. We also have around three times as many pathogens (parasites, bacteria, and viruses). We are collecting more every day, we breathe them in, we eat them, we kick them up from our carpets that have been trodden with outdoor shoes.

If you have a dog, you pick up pathogens from them at a greater rate, (but you can use The Resonator to treat your dog as well. see the Pet Lovers page) These pathogens are so small the body’s immune system deals with most of the problematic ones very easily, but some overwhelm the immune system and that’s when we have problems.


Everything has a resonant frequency. That means everything vibrates at a certain frequency. The screen you are looking at is moving at a resonant frequency, but because the atoms that make up the screen are so small, you cannot see it or feel it moving. This link explains more. Resonant frequencies have been used to help people in pain since the 1920s after Nikola Tesla invented alternating current electricity. He said, “if you understand energy, frequency, and vibration, you will understand the universe.” Since 1974 we have had the TENS machine which helps some people block their pain.

The Tens electricity runs between 10Hz and 50Hz. ! Hz (hertz) is the cycle of an alternating frequency that travels in one second. The amperage it uses in the body is run in milliamps, which is 1000th of an amp. So low most people only feel a slight tingle. Dr. Royal R. Rife is the father of bio-resonance. In the 1930s he discovered that pathogens could be killed by sending them electric pulses having a frequency equaling the natural frequency of these pathogens.

If you could sing at that frequency, you would destroy the bugs, but you can’t sing that high a note. To reach those high frequencies today, we have to use a frequency generator that can be tuned to the frequency of a specific bug. It was found that 30kHz destroys all the pathogens. Apply that frequency to the body and those bugs will be shaken 30,000 times a second, they are literally shaken to destruction.

Because the Resonator kills parasites and bad bacteria as well as destroying viruses, it would take up far too much space here to tell you the diseases it would prevent you from suffering.  If you want to know what diseases pathogens can give you, you can find out by clicking the Wikipedia links below.

Parasitic diseases

 List of diseases caused by bacteria.

List of viral diseases

The technology used in The Resonator’s circuitry has been used by human beings for over one hundred years without doing any harm to animals or humankind.

We challenge anyone to prove The Resonator does not do what we say on this website.


This was all proven 40 years ago in the 1980s by a lady called Dr. Hulda Clark*. She made a device that found the resonant frequency of each bug and then used a signal generator tuned to each frequency to destroy the bugs one species at a time. As she said, “it is a very long process”. With her son, they found that a certain band and type of frequency would destroy all the pathogens, and the most efficient frequency was 30kHz. (That is 30,000 cycles per second).

This 30 kHz (vibration) kills parasites, bad bacteria, and destroys viruses in all mammals by SHAKING them to destruction. The Resonator runs at 30kHZ. Overuse of antibiotics has produced resistant bacteria, but the Resonator kills bad bacteria.  The Resonator cannot kill the good bacteria in liquid as in the gut. Good bacteria is destroyed by chemotherapy which is why there is no smell to the feces. Drugs can kill the living pathogens parasites and bacteria, but not viruses, they are not alive. Vigorous shaking to destroy the outer protein shell is the only safe way to destroy viruses.

At the moment, drugs cannot be used as the protein shell is similar to the protein membrane of our own cells. The Resonator cannot harm our cells as they resonate at a different frequency than the pathogens. Those pathogens that are inside cells or fluid cannot be reached by the Resonator’s frequency; this is why weekly use of the Resonator keeps the new and roving ones down. It must be noted that by using it at least twice a week, there is no way you can re-infect anyone else as the virus is destroyed before it can replicate.

If your body is suffering from an infection, it is possible that your pH (acid/alkalinity) has fallen and your live parasites and bacteria have woken up. They are hungry and have started to feed**. The Resonator can do nothing to cure the problem, (you can kill the mosquito that has bitten you, but you have to deal with the effects of the bite.) but, like an antibiotic drug, it does destroy the pathogens that caused it, so it won’t become worse. Your body’s immune system will then clear up all the dead and remaining pathogens allowing your body to heal quicker.


The Resonator comes with two copper electrodes Hold the electrodes, one in each hand, and switch on the Resonator for  8 – 10 minutes.  Switch off for 20 minutes and repeat the process three times. If you already have an infection, repeat the process nine times. These instructions come with every Resonator and are on the Instructions page.

When the parasites have been killed, the bacteria living within them emerge, which is why you leave a 20-minute gap between 8 – 10 minutes resonating. The second session kills the bacteria and the viruses inside emerge. Leave 20 minutes again and kill the viruses with a third session of resonating. If you do this process weekly, it will keep your body free of problems caused by pathogens.

The Resonator contains a state-of-the-art micro processing frequency generator tuned to a 30 kHz frequency and runs at microamps, (1,000,000 of an amp), from a little 9-volt battery (not supplied, we cannot send it through the post). That is one thousand times less power than the Tens machine, so very few people can feel anything when they are using it.


Despite the copper electrodes looking like something from electro-therapy of years gone by, 99.9% of people feel nothing.  Only very sensitive people feel anything. Some even think it is not working. In fact, the only way you will know it is working, apart from putting it on an oscilloscope or a low voltage LED, is to put an electrode on either side of your tongue and switch the Resonator on and off. You will feel there is a very small difference between the on and off.


Some pathogens, especially viruses, will continually re-occur throughout your life.  The cold virus and herpes viruses to name two. Unlike parasites and bacteria, viruses are NOT ALIVE. They are spherical fat-covered machines. It has no brain or any type of sensing system, it just goes with the flow and is sucked into cells where it is dismantled.

Its released replication program eventually overrides the cell’s reproduction system to produce mutated copies of itself using your DNA  Each infected person produces a mutated version of the virus that caused the infection because it uses their DNA and fat from their cells to reproduce. Your immune system will not always recognise a mutated virus that it has not seen before, so re-infection will occur.

Increasing your pH to normal will help your cells to recognise a virus and not take it in as food. If you can’t increase your pH, (as most people over 50 can’t) use the Resonator regularly. You may still catch a new pathogen that incubates to show symptoms, but using the Resonator as prescribed will destroy the pathogen, but you may still have to deal with the symptoms of an incubated pathogen.

Bacteria. We have 30 trillion cells in our body, and 90 trillion pathogens. About 70 trillion are bacteria that are mostly dormant. We were born with bacteria, so when we die, the dormant bacteria wake up and eat us from the inside. It is nature’s way of keeping the planet clean. But bacteria wake up early if the oxygen level in the cells drops. The oxygen has a direct correlation to your pH, they go up and down together, pH being the controller.

As your pH drops, the cellular oxygen drops, and bacteria wake up, start to feed, and reproduce,.  As the pH drops lower, more bacteria wake up and so it goes on. Most autoimmune diseases have now been attributed to bacteria, not your immune system turning on itself.

It has recently been found that bacteria is the cause of dementia, Altzimeter’s. Parkinson’s, MS, and most other brain diseases. The precursor to these diseases is loss of smell, the BBC wrote a piece about it. Click here.

Using the Resonator has been found to bring back the sense of smell as it did with me. Then other things started to happen. I remembered much more, I didn’t lose my words when I was giving talks. Others tell me it has been the same with them.


The aftermath of having the virus. Long Covid is happening because the immune system has not removed all the viruses. Viruses are sucked into under-performing cells being mistaken for food. The replicated virus produced by the cell is going to be slightly different, and if the body is not at its correct pH,  your immune system will miss some of these replicants.

These will be carried around the body causing havoc where they land. The only way to remove these replicants and any other virus is to use a Resonator.  There may be damage caused by the virus, and although you will have destroyed the viruses with the Resonator, the body still has to repair itself. Using the Resonator every day until symptoms disappear will ensure a body free of the virus. This generally takes a week or two. Loss of smell or taste could take months to recover.


Yes, it is guaranteed for one year, and it is made in the U.K. If you are not happy with your Resonator, return it to us undamaged and we will replace it or refund your purchase price.


We use PayPal. PayPal is the most secure way to pay. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay by credit or debit card on the PayPal page which will come up when you click the  “BUY NOW” button below.  The Resonator is £97 delivered. in the UK.    So for just £97, you can remove your harmful pathogens which will give you wonderful peace of mind knowing you will never catch those terrible diseases if you use your Resonator at least once a week.

It is in the instructions, but



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* The Cure for All Diseases, by Dr. Hulda Clark
**Healing is Voltage by Dr. Jerry Tennant