lnstructions for the use of The Resonator bio-resonance device.



Remove all metal that touches your skin except difficult to remove rings.

Insert a 9v PP3 battery into the compartment at the back of the Resonator. Always keep a spare battery.

Take both of the copper electrodes Insert the leads into the sockets of the Resonator. The Resonator is not waterproof.

We used to advise not to use the Resonator holding the bare copper, as copper can leach into your skin during the process, but that advice was 40 years old, we now know that copper is good for the body (copper bracelets)  

Avoid the copper electrodes touching each other when the Resonator is turned on. It will flatten the battery very quickly. Do not touch your hands together when holding the electrodes and the Resonator is on

Sip a glass of warm water throughout the process, your liver needs it

Hold the electrodes, one in each hand and switch the Resonator on using the circular toggle switch on the front of the device. The blue light in the switch will show it is on. If it dims or does not come on, replace the 9v battery.

If you cannot hold the electrodes, place the connected electrodes on a dry towel on the floor and place your bare feet onto the electrodes, or place them in your armpits.

Use the Resonator for 8-10 minutes with a 20 -30 min rest.  Do that three times. If you are well and want to keep well, do that once a week.

If you have symptoms of cold or flu or suspect you have a parasitical, bacterial or viral infection, or you have had a surgical or accident wound, do nine consecutive sessions (9 x 8-10min sessions with a 20-30min gap between, (a nine timer). Leave one day rest, then a normal three-session every day for the following week. Even though most of the bad bugs will have gone, with some viruses, loss of taste, smell and some other symptoms can take months for the body to repair. You may still test positive for a virus for a week or so if your lymphatic system is slow. The test is detecting pieces of the shattered virus.

You cannot stop any pathogens infecting you. For 98% protection against them causing your symptoms, do a three-session a week (twice if you have pets, and use the Resonator on your pet) to remove all new bugs, etc., and remain disease-free. Walking or exercising afterwards is important as it increases the lymphatic flow to expel the dead bugs. A lymphatic massage is best for those who cannot exercise. Doing a nine-timer will be 100% effective in destroying viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Periodically, clean the copper electrodes with a scouring pad to bring back the shine. It greatly helps the conductivity.

You may experience, spots, or small bumps appearing when you use the Resonator daily. Stop using it for a few days and the bumps will disappear. This is caused by a slow lymphatic system and the body is pushing the dead pathogens to the outside until it can deal with them. Drink at least one and a half litres of water (preferably warm) a day to flush out the dead bugs.

Please write down in a diary all the differences you feel, good and bad as sometimes there are viruses that hide and reappear after the session. You may feel tired after the first few times or the 9-timer, as your system is removing a lot of garbage.  Check the website for news and updates. If you would, please email me with your results and/or put them on “Review” on our Facebook page, together with any questions or problems. Thank you.


If you have a test LED, test the Resonator by switching it on with the copper electrodes connected. Make sure the copper electrodes are clean. (Use a kitchen scourer to clean them) Take one lead of the LED and touch one of the copper electrodes with the bared end, and touch the other electrode with the other wire of the LED.

If it does not light, change the wires of the LED over  ( as the LED only works one way ). If the LED does not light then remove the copper electrodes from the Resonator and touch the LED wires to the sockets of the Resonator.  If it lights then there is a problem with the wires or plugs. If nothing lights the LED and the battery is good and switched on, then contact me.

Life is to be enjoyed. You may own the world, but without your health, you have nothing.

Anthony Grant.